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Destination Wedding

Just flying home from Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic after the most amazing week I can remember in recent months. We were so lucky, honored, and blessed to be a part of Molly & Mitch's wedding. It was a stunning location... come on... an island in the Caribbean with clear aqua blue water surrounding the beach... it was ripe for a late night binge of Pirates of the Caribbean. Getting to know the family and friends of the wedding party was the most rewarding part of this adventure. Its never just the place, its AWLAYS the people that make it great and make the lasting memories. Getting to know Mitch and Molly, moms, sisters, aunts/uncles and good friends, it feels like we are a part of the family. For me... its about family and friend ship and its awesome when those bonds can be made. I think these images say it all... beauty, elegance and just plain old fun. I haven't had a chance to do a lot to these images as of yet as I am still in transit back to the States, but please enjoy!

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