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Mohave Desert

So next week I will be flying to the Mohave Desert to be embedded into an Active Army Stryker Brigade as a photojournalist for a few days. I was told that I will be flying into the field via UH50 Black Hawks which will be awesome. On the 3rd day I was told they may be giving me a platoon of Soldiers to command to stage shots and take portraits of the Soldiers so that will be epic. It is Live Fire, so they will be firing their M1A1 Abram tanks and firing live ammunition. I greatly look forward to spending time with our troops and to tell their stories as the heroes they are, to both encourage them and their families and to inspire our nation. Freedom is never free, it costs some- everything!

I was a photojournalist in the Active Army for about 4.5 years and documented every single memorial and ramp ceremony both foreign and domestic for our brigade, I have seen the cost.

"God bless our troops and keep them safe, I pray for those in charge to execute their judgments with all righteousness not being motivated by corrupt agendas, politics or greed."

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