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Quote is as follows:


VIDEO: $250

EDITING: $100hr

I estimate this project coming in at right around $750

Homes around the 2,500-3,000 square foot range typically take 1.5 hours to shoot photos using the HDR method or Compositing method. I do include editing of the HDR method in the shooting price since it is does not require as much editing. Compositing takes longer 1-2 hours to edit and would be charged accordingly for the time.

Videoing a home in a cinematic and creative way usually takes a minimum of 1-1.5 hours. 

A two min Highlight Reel takes 2-3 hours to complete and you will have access to all of our stock footage, flares, and text overlays we can use if you want. We can also add factoids to the home such as address, square footage, key features or keep it clean without.  Or if you just want us to give you the raw video footage then of course that would drop the price.

We can also spice up the "Money Shot" of the home like the one below. Takes about an hour to edit something like that because we treat the home like a portrait.

Copy of Image-00014.jpg
HDR Method

Real Estate Photography | What is HDR? For those who still haven't heard of HDR photography yet, the concept is simple: As you're shooting, you capture multiple images and change your exposure. Downside is that wonky color casts can appear. This image is comprised of three images at three different exposures stacked on top of each other.

Composite Method

A composite image, or simply a composite, is an image created from multiple photos that are blended together. This technique can be used for different types of photography. Although this method takes longer, you can see that even though the lights are turned off the image is clean with no color casts. There was a studio strobe used in the kitchen, utility room and dining room comprised of three separate images.

Bally Retouched.jpg
01 Ballymore Edited.jpg

Upgrading The Money Shot


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